Best Drawing Boards For Artists

What are the disadvantages of Adobe Illustrator?

What are the disadvantages of Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphic design and illustration software. It is used to create illustrations, logos, icons, infographics, and graphics.

It has many advantages over other graphic design software, such as a large user community, a wide range of features, and a wide range of supported file formats.

PRO TIP: Adobe Illustrator is a powerful program that can create high-quality graphics. However, there are some disadvantages to using this program. First, it can be difficult to learn how to use all of the features. Second, it can be costly to purchase the program. Finally, it can take up a lot of space on your computer.

Adobe Illustrator is also known for its ability to create complex illustrations and graphics. However, it has several disadvantages. First, it is a complex software and may be difficult for beginners to use. Second, Illustrator is expensive and may be beyond the budget of some graphic designers.

Third, Adobe Illustrator is not as widely used as other graphic design software, so it may be difficult to find support when needed. Finally, Adobe Illustrator is not as widely supported as other software, so it may not be compatible with certain features or file formats.

10+ Best Drawing Boards for Artists in 2022 (November)

Which one of the drawing board is the best for outdoors?

We all have space constraints at home. It might not be practically possible for you to have a separate table for each and every purpose like drawing, writing, reading, etc. You need to go in for a drawing board that can be used as a multi-purpose table.

There were some main components that artists are curious about when searching for the right drawing boards.

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A good drawing board is a foundation for practicing the art of drawing. If you are a beginner then you will need a good quality board as it will be helpful enough to do some drawing exercises as well. Drawing boards also come with clip holders as it keeps your paper in place.

These drawing boards can be used by artists, architects, and even toddlers. If you are interested, you can go through our post on best drafting tables.

Need for Drawing Boards

There are many reasons for using a drawing board while you create drawings in pencil or a crayon.

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The Drawing board is a boon for many artists. These boards allow you to draw freely on paper. The papers are clipped to the drawing boards. This will prevent a lot of damage to the paper compared to holding the paper on hand. Most of the drawing boards are made with strong surfaces. So there is no possibility of your paper getting damaged. This might happen if your drawing paper is on a soft surface.

As your drawing paper is clipped with the drawing clips that are provided, you can rotate your drawing surface without worrying about the space. Most drawing boards also have angle adjustments that come with them. With large drawing tables, you can draw while standing which is a good posture for your body.

With a large drawing board, you can even use a bigger canvas. The large canvases open up entirely new possibilities for drawing and painting that you can do. You can even create a portrait of the entire family that includes all the family members.

Most artists tend to hunch down and work on their drawings. That might bring up severe health hazards to your neck, wrists, and arm. There are a lot of health benefits involved when using large drawing boards, as they help you to stand up and work.

Drawing boards are used by engineers, architects, and artists who need a level of accuracy with their drawings. The greatest advantage with drawing boards is that in addition to saving your posture and enhancing your graphical output, you can keep the drawing paper properly clipped so that your art is not moving all over the place.

10+ Best Drawing Boards for Artists in 2022

Best overall drawing board

Material: Seasoned beechwood | Board Dimension: 20-1/2″ Wide x 16″ Tall | Working Area Dimension: 16-½” to 21-½” | Weight: 7.63 pounds | Color: Natural

The US Art Supply Adjustable Wood Artist Board is beautifully handcrafted from seasoned Beachwood and is finished with natural oil. It has six adjustable settings. You can turn the table from a 0 degrees to 80 degrees angle. It comes with a strong pencil holding edge and also a T-square for drafting purposes. It can be turned from a tabletop to a drawing table within a matter of minutes.

Pros Cons ➕ Made up of premium wood ➖ Working surface is not smooth ➕ Perfect for creating designs in a large-scale paper ➕ Lightweight in design ➕ Portability

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Latest Price on Amazon:

210 Reviews US Art Supply Adjustable Wood Artist Drawing & Sketching Board with Storage Drawer Beautifully hand crafted from seasoned beechwood, and finished with natural oil

6 Adjustable settings from flat to an 80 degree angle so you can find your perfect drawing angle

Comes with a sturdy pencil holding ledge and a drafting T-Square

Large Working Area of 20-1/2" Wide x 16" Tall

Turns any tabletop into a professional drafting table environment

Best affordable & portable drawing board

Material: Masonite | Board Dimension: 17.99 x 17.99 x 0.98 inches | Weight: 1.94 pounds | Color: Natural

This Field Sketch Board is the perfect drawing board if you are taking drawing lessons at a local university, college, or private lessons. It is also a good choice for field or travel paintings. The size of the board makes it optimum for small to medium-scale drawings, and the cut-out handle allows you to easily grasp it with your left hand.

It has a strong clip, a cut-out handle, and a rubber band to make the drawing paper hold in one place. You can easily attach a formal sketch with a single clip and a rubber band.

The cut-out handle of the drawing board makes it easier to carry around as it is light in weight. The material of this board is masonite. It will deteriorate if exposed to water.

Pros Cons ➕ Light in weight ➖ Not sturdy ➕ Portability ➖ Does not support A1 or A2 paper sizes ➕ Price ➖ Not made for left-handers

Latest Price on Amazon:

Sale 303 Reviews Field Sketch Board 18X18 Made of masonite

Feature one sturdy low-profile grip clip


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Best portable drawing board

Material: Melamine Resin | Board Dimension: 29 x 23.5 x 3.25 inches | Weight: 8.23 pounds | Color: White

Martin Portable sketch board is the perfect drawing board to use when you are traveling or working at home as well. It provides you with a smooth drawing surface. The lightweight board is covered with melamine lamination. It also features easy-fold legs that provide you with the required angle to draw. There are six lock-in adjustable angle positions that help you with a comfortable and relaxed pose for working.

The drawing board has a clip that keeps your paper in place so you can work comfortably. The smooth, large surface can make it fit small to large drawing pads.

Pros Cons ➕ Handle makes it portable ➖ Not ideal for outdoor use ➕ Strong construction ➖ Large size makes it difficult to store ➕ Adjustable height ➕ Long lasting

Latest Price on Amazon:

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Best budget drawing board

Material: Wood | Board Dimension: 17 x 11.5 x 0.2 inches | Weight: 13.7 ounces | Color: Wooden

This heavy landscape clipboard is a perfect board for medical, artist, and office professionals. The clip that is present on the top of the board makes it an ideal writing surface. This large board is constructed out of medium dense quality fiberboard, providing a rigid surface.

It also has a metal clip with a smooth surface. This makes it an ideal table for drawing, sketching, and painting. The board has a smooth plastic laminated surface with rounded corners. This durable clipboard has polished metal low-profile clips. The sturdy long-lasting springs make these lightweight clipboards make writing easy.

Pros Cons ➕ Strong metal clips ➖ Medium quality board ➕ Portable ➖ Not suitable for large-size paper. ➕ Perfect for small-time artists

Latest Price on Amazon:

210 Reviews US Art Supply Adjustable Wood Artist Drawing & Sketching Board with Storage Drawer Beautifully hand crafted from seasoned beechwood, and finished with natural oil

6 Adjustable settings from flat to an 80 degree angle so you can find your perfect drawing angle

Comes with a sturdy pencil holding ledge and a drafting T-Square

Large Working Area of 20-1/2" Wide x 16" Tall

Turns any tabletop into a professional drafting table environment

Best durable drawing board

Material: Wood | Board Dimension: 24.06 x 17.14 x 3.13 inches | Weight: 7.17 pounds | Color: Brown

Falling in Art drawing board is a perfect place to draw. It helps you in drawing, sketching, and designing for projects of all types. It can turn your tabletop into a professional drafting environment. It is also a convenient drafting table that can be kept in a small space. You can easily carry the table around to places.

It is durable and strong enough and is made of strong European beech wood. It has a non-slip rubber foot that makes it stay in one place while you draw. The size of the table makes it apt for bigger size canvases and panels. This table can be tilted from 0 degrees to 75 degrees angle making it ideal for you to draw in any desired position.

Pros Cons ➕ Portable ➖ The rubber foot given may not give you the best support ➕ Can use any size of canvas

Latest Price on Amazon:

1,513 Reviews Falling in Art Large 5-Position Wood Drafting Table Easel Drawing and Sketching Board, 23 2/9 Inches... LARGE SURFACE AND ADJUSTABLE ANGLES: Falling in Art tabletop easel is equipped with 5 different incline angle positions from flat to 80 angles for you to find the most comfortable drawing angle. 23...

MULTIFUNCTIONAL DESIGN: This versatile tabletop painting board can be used as an easel or a drawing board, suitable for children, adults, beginners and professional artists, ideal for diamond painting...

DURABLE MATERIAL FOR LONG-TERM USE: Solid European beechwood ensures the stability of the strong support easel stand. Distinctive manufacturing technology makes a very smooth surface and consistent...

NON-SLIP FEET: Four non-slip and wear-resistant rubber feet are designed at the bottom to protect the desktop from scratches, providing a stable drawing table board for customers' outdoor use.

RISK-FREE PURCHASE PROMISE: When choosing our art board, you can be assured that we provide premium-quality products. If you are dissatisfied with it for any reason, we will offer a replacement or...

Best travel-friendly drawing board

Material: Wood | Board Dimension: 30.31 x 20.47 x 3.54 inches | Weight: 8.3 Pounds | Color: Natural

The SoHo Urban Artist Drawing Board is a professional table for drawing and design. This wood drawing board features a maple-colored board with a smooth working surface. You can also fold the table and store it easily anywhere.

The tilt of the drawing table can go from 0degrees to 80 degrees. It helps you to work effortlessly with both traditional drawings and paintings. The strong bottom ledge of the drawing board is quite convenient as it helps you to keep your drawing tools, paintbrushes, sketches, pads, pencils, and notebooks. Last but not least, the wooden surface of the board can withstand any kind of wear and tear from watercolors, solvents, etc.

Pros Cons ➕ Sturdy ➖ Does not have any clips to hold the drawing paper ➕ Cheap ➕ Portable ➕ Light-weight

Latest Price on Amazon:

784 Reviews SoHo Urban Artist Extra Large Adjustable Portable Drawing Board Stand Easel, 5 Positions, Natural... This large, smooth drawing board turns any tabletop into a professional drafting table

The large integrated base allows you to easily adjust the angle from flat to 80 degrees; 5 positions

This travel friendly board folds to a thin profile and weighs just 8.3 pounds for outdoor drawing

Includes a functional, sturdy bottom ledge for sketchbooks, pads, panels, canvas or pens and pencils

Surface measures 19.75" x 29.5"; weighs only 8.3 pounds and is solid hardwood; 90 day warranty

Best drawing board for architecture

Material: Plastic | Board Dimension: ‎19.69 x 15.75 x 1.97 inches | Weight: ‎0.352 ounces | Color: White

The Rotring drawing board is A3 in size. It is elegant in style. It is stout and compact in shape. This is a strong board built with non-warping material for durability. This board is designed to create precise 2D and 3D drawings. The straightedge that comes along with the board helps you to move up and down the board. It helps the user to create lines at precise places with their designs and drawings.

This board can be used for easy and comfortable working. The guide rails are designed for smooth, featherlite straight edge movement. There is an end lock A3 straightedge for added stability.

Apart from the appearance of the board, it ensures a secure and easy hold of the drawing material with the help of a dual-magnetic strip. This is supported with a major push button.

This drawing board is apt for creating architectural designs and structural templates. It is also a great choice for creative professionals who have unlimited drawing possibilities.

Pros Cons ➕ Spacious board ➖ Does not include a guidebook ➕ Need not assemble ➕ Comes with a locking mechanism

Latest Price on Amazon:

Sale 522 Reviews Rotring Rapid A3 Drawing Board Robust board of unbreakable, non warping material for durability

Parallel straight edge with Stop and Go locking mechanism

Guide rails, compass plotting, rapid set square and media markings designed for aiding in accuracy

Two magnetic clamp strips with central push button operation and corner clamp for easy and secure hold. Eliminates worry of wrinkling media when erasing

Ergonomic design for easy, comfortable working

Best compact drawing board

Material: Wood | Board Dimension: 13 x 17 x 0.5 inches | Weight: 1.28 pounds | Color: Wooden

If you are an artist and looking for a small but spacious drawing board, then, Artlicious Drawing Board is what you need to draft your artwork. These lightweight drawing boards for artists have rounded edges and a thumb handle. It is a perfect replacement for a table, desk, easel, or drawing board.

This artboard’s dimensions of 13×17 inches make it portable and large enough to meet the demands of any artist in any setting while still being tiny enough to carry into a tote or travel bag.

The drawing board features a built-in metal clip for holding sheets in place on the artboards for painting and drawing. They also include a substantial elastic band that offers a secure fit.

The sketch board is durable and provides an even and parallel surface for image composition. The art clipboard is a great companion for an artist in any situation, whether you’re sitting on the couch or sketching in an office conference room.

Pros Cons ➕ Compact ➖ Not water resistant ➕ Sturdy ➕ Durable

Latest Price on Amazon:

Sale 1,404 Reviews Artlicious Drawing Board - 13 x 17 Sketch Boards with Handle for Drafting Art - Portable Wooden... DESIGNED FOR COMFORT - Our drawing boards for artists are lightweight with rounded edges and a thumb handle. It is made to be an ideal substitute for a desk, easel, table, or drafting board

SMALL BUT SPACIOUS - At 13 x 17 inches, the art board is small enough to fit inside a tote or travel bag for transport while providing a vast enough surface to suit the needs of any artist in any...

A VERY STRONG HOLD - The art boards for drawing and painting have a built-in metal clip for securing sheets. They also come with a thick elastic band that provides a strong hold. The combination of...

STURDY - Looking for a supportive surface that has the strong spine of a God? Your prayers have been answered. The sketch board will last and provides an even and parallel surface for composing...

PERFECT FOR ALL SITUATIONS - Whether you are sitting on the couch or sketching in an office conference room, the art clipboard rises to the occasion. A great companion to an artist no matter the...

Best drawing board for beginners

Material: Beech | Board Dimension: 17.32 x 13.07 x 2.68 inches | Weight: 3.90 pounds | Color: Wood

If you are interested in purchasing one drawing board that is ergonomically designed, Miratuso Drawing Board is a great choice for you as it can relieve you from neck and shoulder problems. This tabletop easel features four angle adjustments, allowing you to position it at the preferred angle.

This painting easel is designed of sturdy, imported beech wood. These easel stands are smooth on the surface, uniform in color, and burr-free thanks to special fabrication techniques.

To stabilize the easel, which is wear-resistant and non-slip when painting, rubber foot pads are positioned at the bottom. Both an easel and a drawing board come with this A3 desktop drawing board.

It is foldable, simple to transport and store, and requires no installation. This drawing board gives you a stable painting environment that can make your artwork worth watching.

Pros Cons ➕ Multi-function Design ➖ Cannot adjust the height ➕ High Quality ➕ Angle Adjustable

Latest Price on Amazon:

953 Reviews Tabletop Easel A3 Painting Easel with Smooth Surface, Adjustable Angle Art Easel for Artists,... 【Angle Adjustable】 Our Tabletop Easel has 4 angles adjustments, can be set to the angle you prefer. Ergonomically design avoid your neck and shoulder problems. It is your best choice for painting.

【High Quality】 Selected high quality beech wood imported from Germany, make our art easel solid and durable. Unique fabrication technology make our easel stand smooth on surface, uniform for color...

【Rubber Foot Pad】 Rubber foot pads are set at the bottom to stabilize the easel, which is wear-resistant and non-slip when painting. Miratuso painting easel give you a stable painting environment....

【Multi-function Design】 This A3 desktop drawing board can be used as an easel or as a drawing board. It is foldable, easy to carry and storage, no need to install. When it’s folded, it can be...

【SERVICE】 Please trust us when you choose our art easel and drawing board. We have the highest quality products and 100% refund guarantee.

Best multipurpose drawing board

Material: Canvas | Board Dimension: 14.06 x 10.94 x 2.83 inches | Weight: 3.71 pounds | Color: Brown

If you wish to buy a drawing board at an affordable price but with great quality, MEEDEN Drawing & Sketching Board is there for you. It is crafted from hand-finished, high-quality beech wood, this drawing board is durable and dependable and has no raw edges.

Furthermore, it also has a lovely hand-rubbed oil finish to make it more attractive, and up to 11″ by 14″ inch canvas paintings that you can accommodate. This drawing board comes with a storage drawer with three fixed compartments, a wooden paint palette, a canvas holder with adjustable tilt, and a leather strap.

This is also a multipurpose desktop easel that can be used as a book stand or a display for tablets in addition to being used for painting, drawing, sketching, and drafting. As it is compact, it can be perfect for outside drawings.

All your painting needs are met with this excellent drawing and sketching board and wouldn’t you love to enjoy all these features at an affordable price?

Pros Cons ➕ Universal design ➖ Lack of space in the storage area. ➕ Travel-friendly ➕ Smooth and delicate

Latest Price on Amazon:

401 Reviews MEEDEN Table Sketch Box Easel -Portable Solid Beech Tabletop Wood Easel Drawing & Sketching Board... This universal design tabletop sketchbox easel is a mini studio for your home or on the go. Its price is sure to bring a smile to your face as well

Crafted from hand-finished premium-quality beautifully beech wood, features a beautiful hand-rubbed oil finish and a functional design, strong and reliable with no raw edge. Accommodates canvas art up...

Included a storage drawer with three fixed compartments, a wooden paint palette, a canvas holder with adjustable tilt and a leather strap, meet all your painting needs and make your painting life a...

Multipurpose desktop easel not only for painting, drawing, sketching and drafting, but could also be used as a book stand or for tablets to display. Ideal for drawing on location, in class, or at work

MEEDEN always provide Art Materials Worth to Try - 100% satisfied guarantee of this adjustable sketching easel. It is fully collapsible to a size of 13¼"W x 10¼"D x 2"H

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are some drawing tables angled? The drawing tables are angled so that you will be able to inspect the details closely. Otherwise, these drawings may not be closer to inspection. Differentiate a drawing table from a drawing board? A drawing board can be used by people who are new to designing or drawing. It can also be used for freehand drawing. It is not attached to any desk. Drafting table can be tilted at a specific angle. What drawing board is best for drafting? Rotring Rapid A3 Drawing Board is the best board for drafting purposes. Which drawing board is the easiest to store? Soho Urban Artist 5-Position Adjustable Drawing Board can be easily folded and stored in one place. Which one of the drawing board is the best for outdoors? The field sketch pad is ideal for outdoor purposes, as you can carry the board wherever you go. What is a drawing table used for? A drawing table can be used as a multipurpose table. It can be used for drawing, sketching, and drafting purposes. It can also be used for reading purposes as well.

Best Drawing Boards for Artists Conclusion

Finding the best drawing boards for the artists can be very difficult. But these boards come at very affordable pricing. So in that case, you should not be having any trouble with any of these as long as you know what you are looking for and the reason for acquiring one.

At first, this process can make you feel awkward, especially if you are a beginner artist who has just started drawing on a board. But as time goes on, you will feel comfortable and understand the merits that come from acquiring one for yourself.

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Best Drawing Boards For Artists

Photo by Natalie Toms

Best Drawing Boards For Artists

Reviews Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. That means if you buy something we get a small commission at no extra cost to you( learn more

A good drawing board is the foundation of practicing art. If you’re a beginner then you’ll need a quality board to last a while as you plow through exercises.

The best overall drawing board is the Art Advantage Board measuring about 23″ by 26″. It’s super thin so you can lean it up against a desk while drawing, or tuck it under your bed when you’re done. Plus it comes with clip holders to keep your paper in place.

But this is only my recommendation as a generalist’s board. There are so many more options to choose from with a good deal of garbage to wade through.

Some cheaper drawing boards have rough coarse surfaces that you need to either sand or cover with paper. Others are too small or feel too flimsy for drawing.

In this guide I’ll share the absolute best drawing boards for the money. I’ll cover a wide swath of varieties, wood styles, and sizes explaining the pros & cons of each. If you’re looking for a drawing board then this post will answer all of your questions.

How To Pick A Board

First and foremost you need to know why you’re getting a drawing board.

Obviously it’s for drawing, but for what type of drawing? Are you a complete beginner working in graphite? Or will you bring finished charcoal studies to completion with this board?

Also do you need a lightweight board for travel or drawing outside? Or would you prefer a heavier board that can mount on an easel?

Start by deciding what you need first. Estimate your goals and consider what type of drawing work you’ll be doing. Also consider how much money you want to spend—most boards are cheap but some can get up there.

And be sure to measure how much space you have. This matters when you’re trying to find a spot to leave your board after drawing sessions. Measure your closet, beside your desk, under your bed, or anywhere else that might work as a storage space.

Remember that it’s common to have more than one drawing board. They come in all different shapes & sizes so don’t think one board has to be your only option.

There’s a lot to choose with many different benefits to each.

So without further ado let’s dive right in.

Top Pick: Art Advantage Sketch Board

Art Advantage makes great quality materials and their 23×26 Artist Sketch Board is a great buy. This is one of the best choices for a complete beginner who wants to dive in and start drawing fast.

The surface is incredibly smooth and you can rotate it around as needed. The clips are not removable but they really don’t get in the way. If you’re drawing on printer paper there should be plenty of empty space left.

And you can orient the board so the clips lie to the other side of your drawing hand so your elbow never bumps into them. This board is light only weighing 3.5 lbs. Even if you clip an entire sketchpad onto the board it’s still pretty light.

Newer artists want the freedom to try stuff and just draw. This Art Advantage sketchboard grants you that freedom.

Not to mention it’s light enough to bring anywhere. Whether you’re sketching on your bed, in the backyard, or even in a figure class, this board should suffice for all occasions.

Bottom Line: Incredible drawing board for beginners and for lightweight travel. Large enough for sketch pads and strong clips to hold pads in place.

Alvin DB114 DB Series

For larger easels I find it’s best to go with a thicker drawing board. The Alvin DB114 Art Board is very sturdy with a crisp wood veneer finish.

It measures 18″ x 24″ which is a great size for finished pieces. Whether you’re drawing a still life or doing a self portrait, this board can hold it all. Surprisingly it’s about 6 lbs which isn’t much heavier than smaller boards.

It comes with a metal edge on the side and it’s about 1 inch thick. This thick edge works well for architects or engineers who frequently use T-squares and related measuring tools. But this board is not without it’s flaws.

The surface isn’t fully finished in many places so you’d do best clipping a pad underneath. Or if you buy a large pad of thick paper you can tear off a piece and keep that underneath your drawing area.

Folks who are DIY-oriented might even sand down the surface to make it thinner. I can’t say this board is terrible for the price, but it certainly doesn’t offer the smoothest surface.

Bottom Line: Get this board for an easel or for drawing on a sketchpad. It’s sturdy and thicker than most but does not have a perfectly smooth surface.

SoHo Urban Artist Adjustable Board

Adjustable drawing boards are the coolest things since sliced bread. And the SoHo Urban Artist Board is one of the best adjustable boards you can get.

It has a strange size measuring a total of 20″ tall x 30″ wide. But this size offers plenty of room for any piece of paper or sketch pad you might bring along.

As a simple board it can lay flat or be leaned up against a desk. It may also fit into an easel depending on how much space is available on the easel’s holder blocks. But the real beauty of the SoHo board is the adjustable back which can be positioned into one of five different slots.

The board can lie flat or be tilted up almost completely straight. I’d guess maybe 75° at the highest setting. It’s all designed with beech wood and treated to a clean finish. The drawing surface is incredibly smooth so you won’t have any issues with nicks or holes in your artwork.

If you’re someone who likes to draw outside or on the go then this board is perfect. It is a touch on the heavier side weighing about 10 lbs. Not fun to lug around but definitely do-able.

Note at the bottom of the board there is a small lip extruding about 1 inch outwards. This is here to keep your paper in place while drawing at the higher positions. But when drawing flat this lip can get in the way.

To get around this simply rotate your board the other direction. It may get annoying constantly rotating the board around but it’s a small price to pay for a fully adjustable board that doesn’t require clips.

Bottom Line: Nice adjustable drawing board for any age or skill level. It’s affordable, made of quality wood, and offers five different positions along with a completely flat position.

US Art Supply Adjustable Board

Another great option for the adjustable board route is US Art Supply’s XL Adjustable Sketch Board. The finish on this board is glorious and it really shines in the light.

It measures 26″ wide(almost 2 feet) and just under 21″ tall. There’s no denying this is a big board.

And to me that’s awesome because it offers value for many different artists who work on different types of paper(and different sizes of sketch pads).

With this board you’ll get seven different positions ranging from completely flat to upright at an 80° angle. And when you’re drawing on this board it’ll feel like a finely crafted wooden desk. It’s lightweight and surprisingly thin for such a large board.

When lying flat this board only measures 3 inches tall. It can fit pretty much anywhere in your closet, under the bed, against your wall… wherever! It’s a convenient art board for the size and the construction is tops.

This board is a bit lighter than the SoHo which makes it ideal for travel. Not to mention you get more adjustable positions and the same pencil lip ledge to keep your paper & pencil in place while drawing.

Bottom Line: Amazing adjustable board for beginners and experts alike. It’s huge and can hold almost any sized sketch pad. It comes with a sturdy foundation and could even be great for kids just getting into art.

Martin Portable Sketch Board

The Martin Portable Sketch Board is designed for portability first. It weighs 6lbs with a handle on one side for an easy grip.

This model comes in two sizes: small and large. But the small size should be big enough measuring 24″ wide(2 feet) x 19″ tall. The larger board is only about 6 inches bigger in both directions. But it can make a difference if you like to work big.

You can even clip your board to the top with a built-in pinch clip. The surface is very smooth although I’m not sure what the material is.

And looking towards the back edge you’ll find two drop-down legs to prop up the board at an angle. It’s a huge benefit for artists who want to draw from an angle sometimes, while other times keeping the board flat.

My big issue is that it’s a thick board measuring over 3″ on the side. This isn’t inherently bad, and sometimes a thicker board is good(especially while traveling).

But if you just want a simple drawing board for home use I do think the Art Advantage Board is a better pick.

Bottom Line: The Martin portable board is solid, easy to carry, and comes with foldable legs for a minor 30° incline. Great for drawing or painting on the go but may not be worth the price for most people.

LOHOME Portable Drawing Board

Now here’s an artboard that you can take to school, keep at home, bring to figure class, or even all three.

LOHOME’s drawing board is made of solid maple wood and very durable.

It’s surprisingly thin measuring only 1 inch on the sides. The total dimensions measure 24″ wide(2 feet) by 18″ tall(1.5 feet). Plenty of room for your average sketch pad.

And weighing only 2 pounds this board is light. It’s one of the few drawing boards that actually feels light while still being pretty thick on the edges.

On the top you’ll find a nifty to-go carry handle perfect for moving this around anywhere. You can even keep your drawing/painting clipped to the board as you go and carrying by the handle won’t damage anything.

Few artists know about the LOHOME brand but they make nice stuff. This portable drawing board is a fine example of great quality and definitely worth checking out if you want a thick yet light board for any situation.

Bottom Line: This board’s design sells itself as a thick yet light drawing board with a clean surface. Great for home practice and figure classes or for drawing outdoors.

Springer Atlas SN2 Board

Drawing is not the only thing you can do on a board. Artists also do watercolors on drawing boards if the paper is thick enough.

And the Springer Atlas SN2 is perfect for watercolors, acrylics, and of course drawing with any medium. The board is made of masonite so it’s pretty thin and light(weighs 3.3 lbs).

It measures a standard 18″ x 24″ which is perfect for drawing pads or even smaller paper like A4 copy paper. This board can work on any easel because it is thin. I’m talkin’ ¼ of an inch thin.

While drawing it may actually feel too thin if you apply hard pressure.

But the hardboard masonite is sturdy enough that it won’t just break under pressure. However because it’s so thin you need to support the back if you do any wet mediums like watercolors. Yes they can work well, but they can also leak through and stain the board.

If you don’t care about colors getting into the masonite then no problem. But generally the surface feels better with some padding.

I just don’t love the surface because it has a very minor tooth that feels too rough. Not super noticeable, but enough that I’d prefer to draw on top of a sheet or two of thick paper.

Bottom Line: Very thin board, great for any light medium and perfect for travel. Also a nice board for watercolor painting. But the surface has a light tooth so if you don’t like that you’ll need to lay down some background paper.

Jack Richeson Sketch Clipboard

If you want a super cheap and super thin board then look into the Jack Richeson Sketch Clipboard. It comes with a carrying punchout hole so you can wrap your hand around and carry on the go.

This measures about 23″ tall x 26″ wide and includes a heavy duty rubber band to keep your paper still while drawing.

It does come with fixed clips that don’t work like ordinary chip clips. They have latches that you need to undo by pushing down & out. Very strange clips and they can be frustrating if you’re not used to them.

I had these same clips on my first drawing board and basically ignored them. I would use my own chip clip because I was so frustrated. If you do get this and have trouble with the clips just look up tutorials on YouTube.

Overall the surface is clean and it’s a flat board worth using if you like the larger size.

Bottom Line: Light travel board with a handle and built-in clips. The clips are not intuitive so they can be frustrating. But the price is good and so is the drawing surface.

Masonite Board 17″ x 22″

It does not get much cheaper than the generic Alvin masonite boards. However cheap does not always equal bad.

These boards are very sturdy and they really do work well for simple drawings. I wouldn’t want to use one of these on an easel, but it’s not a bad idea!

This model measures 17″ tall x 22″ wide so it’s a little under 2 feet wide. You can find very similar masonite boards from Alvin in different sizes using the same designs(clean surface with single carrying hole).

You’ll get a free portfolio carrying back with any of these drawing boards. They’re all pretty light, usually under 1-2 pounds and very thin. None are thicker than an inch which makes them great for leaning against a table, yet not as great fixed in an easel.

If you hate those clips attached to other boards then you can pick up one of these Alvin Masonite boards on the cheap, totally clip-free.

Bottom Line: Very affordable board made with masonite in a variety of different sizes. Comes with a free carrying bag and doesn’t have any fixed clips so it’s one of the lightest boards you can buy.

Artist Tote Sketchboard

The Artist Tote Sketchboard is designed for artists on the go who want something real small. And I mean super small, basically the smallest you can get and still fit a decent sized piece of paper.

In portrait orientation this board measures 13″ wide x 17″ tall. It’s the most portable option you can find if you’re OK to work on printer paper or A3 paper.

It does come with a clip fastener at the top so you can keep your paper stationary while drawing. It’s probably the easiest to hold up while working so it’s great for drawing from life. You can take this to the coffee shop, out to school, into a field or anywhere that has great scenery.

On the negative side it is a bit pricey considering what you’re getting. If you’re OK to forego the built-in clip you might wanna save some money and pick up a masonite board.

However this is much sturdier than most of those thinner boards and it’s smaller to boot.

Bottom Line: Excellent small board for kids or adults. Holds paper tight and feels light in your hands. But it’s only useful if you’re OK drawing on smaller paper like A3/A4 sizes.

Best Portable Drawing Board

Almost every board can be deemed portable to some extent. But truly portable boards are designed to hold papers in place and offer a means of transportation.

The best portable drawing board to fit this description is the Martin Portable Sketch Board.

It has a built-in carry handle right at the top of the board. You can clip your paper to the side or to the top and never bump your hand against them while carrying. This board is designed thick with about 3 inches on all edges.

But the drawing surface is flat and reasonably sized at 24″ wide x 19″ tall.

On the back you’ll find two rubber pads with two extendable legs that you can pull down to get a slight angle. It certainly won’t be anything great, but drawing at a 30° incline can be better than a 0° incline.

I’ve yet to find another portable drawing board with all these features that also has two different sizes(small or large) to choose from.

Great sketch board for the money and a nice pick for on-the-go artists drawing life outside the home.

Best Adjustable Drawing Board

There aren’t many “bad” adjustable drawing boards out there. Some just offer more features than others and they all come in different sizes.

But the absolute best adjustable drawing board is the US Art Supply XL Adjustable Sketch Board. It measures a total of 26″ wide by 21″ tall. If this is too small you could shop around for larger ones.

The reason I recommend this board is because it comes with everything. The wood is beautifully finished and the drawing surface is perfectly flat. It feels incredible to draw on this board and the quality craftsmanship is apparent from the get-go.

It also comes with a lip for holding your pencils and keeping your paper flat. This is crucial since it also has seven different positions starting with completely flat parallel to the table, then moving up in degrees to a final tilt of about 80° upright.

The XL adjustable board is made for sketching but could even work for painting too. I haven’t tried watercolors on it but if you lay down some paper it should be fine.

Everyone from draftsmen to cartoonists, animators to fine artists can get something out of this board. It definitely isn’t the lightest board you can get(it weighs 8.2 lbs). However it’s also not heavy either, and the adjustable features plus the craftsmanship more than make up for the weight.

Cheapest Drawing Board

The cheapest board that’ll offer the most bang for your buck is the Alvin masonite board set. All of these masonite boards come with the small loop at the top for easy carry.

But they’re also light enough that you can drag them around anywhere. None of these boards come with clips, although you can easily add your own chip clip attached to the top.

I’m thrilled with the quality/price ratio for these boards which is why they really offer the most for your money. If you’re looking for a lightweight board to draw more at home then the masonite boards will do the trick.

And of course you don’t have to go with Alvin. But they offer the most consistency with a wide array of sizes to pick from.

Do a quick search for masonite boards to see all the different sizes you can try. The largest option currently is a 24″ x 36″ board which would certainly cover any size paper for any drawing exercise.

Making The Final Decision

Thankfully drawing boards are generally cheap so you’re not risking much by just grabbing one.

You shouldn’t have any trouble with any of these so long as you know what you’re looking for and why you’re getting a board. At first this process can feel awkward and clunky, especially if you’re a novice artist just starting out.

But the more you practice drawing the more comfortable your board will feel.

So as a wise teacher once said: take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!

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