My Hero Academia: 15 Best Bakugo Quotes

  The anime series My Hero Academia follows the prestigious students of U.A. High School as they train to become heroes in an alternate world where roughly 80% of the population manifests some form of superpower, or "Quirk." One of those students is the hot-headed and confrontational Katsuki Bakugo, whose spats with other classmates—particularly his long-time rival Izuku Midoriya, referred to by Bakugo as "Deku"—are as integral a part of his character as his explosive Quirk and stylized costume.

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  Despite his many faults, however, Bakugo's still a "good guy," and his dialogue includes some truly deep quotes about what it means to be a hero.

  Updated July 22nd, 2021 by Brittanie Maldonado: My Hero Academia is a beloved franchise that continues to delight its fans with each new installment. Katsuki Bakugo has always been a fan favorite and his popularity has only grown over time. It's been almost a year since this article was published, so it's about time to go searching for some more excellent Bakugo quotes.


  "I Won't Do Something I Don't Want To Even If I'm Only Faking It."

  There's no question that Bakugo's fervor to be number-one comes off as self-serving and arrogant. Sometimes, it's hard to believe that he's dedicated to being a hero— which is exactly what the League of Villains thought when they tried to add Bakugo to their ranks. But they were surprised to find that Bakugo wanted nothing to do with their organization, even though he'd be free to unleash his destructive power as a villain in a way he never could as a hero. Denying their offer with this quote enriched Bakugo as a character.


  "Come At Me Seriously!"

  Bakugo's pride in his Quirk is a huge driving factor in his personality and he can't stand it if opponents don't come at him with full strength. While seeming like a throwaway line, this particular quote is directed at Shoto Todoroki, who Bakugo beat during the Sports Festival arc by a slim margin, since Todoroki wouldn't use his fire powers. When challenging Todoroki to a swimming contest, Bakugo warns Todoroki to come at him full-strength with the implication that that's the only way he'll feel satisfied winning.


  "No Matter Who It Is, I Won't Let Them Catch Up To Me, Let Alone Get Ahead Of Me!"

  This quote nicely captures Bakugo's passion to be the best pro hero. It's not enough for Bakugo to be strong enough to enter the ranks of pro heroes; he's also got a thirst to stay on top. Bakugo utters this line while speaking with Kirishima about Todoroki and Deku, arguably his biggest rivals.

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  Bakugo demonstrates that he both acknowledges Deku's and Todoroki's strengths and talents while simultaneously declaring his intentions to be number-one.


  "I'll Beat You With An Indisputable Difference!"

  After returning from their hero internships, Bakugo is more than angry when seeing Deku's improvement after training with Gran Torino—especially since Bakugo noticed Deku getting inspiration from Bakugo's own fighting style. As Bakugo feels increasingly threatened by Deku's progress, he's also determined to put Deku back in his place. It's not the nicest sentiment and Bakugo would likely be better off working with Deku than against him, but that's not quite within his maturity level yet. Instead, Bakugo uses Deku as a springboard for self-improvement in his own way.


  "I Only Look At Victory! That's All!"

  If Bakugo had a motto for life, surely it would be this quote. The thirst for victory is precisely what Bakugo uses to propel himself to greater heights, and it's precisely what allows him to pull off his impressive feats. While it suggests he may be a bit short-sighted, victory is nevertheless what feeds his ambitions and drives his efforts. For Bakugo, coming in second place is as good as losing, and steadfastly aiming for the top spot is what allows him to put in every effort as a fighter.


  "We're Not Here To Make Friends, We're Here To Fight!"

  Bakugo gives this quote as Class 1-A is about to give their performance at the U.A. School Festival. Not only is it highly indicative of his less-than-cheerful personality, but it also clearly shows his opinions regarding both combat and competition.

  The quote is made all the more interesting by the fact that Bakugo puts a lot of passion into his music, and, by the end of the performance, even he's enjoying the good-natured "fight" and beginning to show some cracks in his stern exterior.


  "I'll Become A Hero That Surpasses Even You!"

  Before Deku was enrolled in the Hero Program at U.A., Bakugo viewed him as a lesser entity to himself—and, to a degree, he still does. However, it's clear by the time Bakugo gives this quote that the tables have turned in terms of raw power, and he's actually somewhat struggling to defeat his ambitious childhood friend.

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  Still, he's enough of a hero to know not to back down from a challenge, using his anger with Deku to push himself to become stronger.


  "There's No Way I Could Beat You Without Taking Any Risks."

  There are occasional moments when Bakugo shows genuine respect for someone other than himself—in this case, Deku—and, despite their rarity, they do provide somewhat of an inside look at his true emotions.

  The emotional impact of this quote is somewhat dampened by the fact that it's given as Bakugo is about to launch a deadly attack Deku's way, but it's still something. It demonstrates Bakugo's increasing awareness that Deku is progressing as a hero.


  "I Mean, I'm A Perfectionist."

  In the very first episode of My Hero Academia, before hero-enthusiast Deku had even gotten a Quirk, Bakugo becomes furious with him saying that he wants to apply to the U.A. Hero Program. Bakugo describes himself as a "perfectionist" before saying that Deku could never reach his level and shouldn't even bother entering, in no uncertain terms.

  This exchange is a major turning point for both Deku and Bakugo, and it showcases the tension between the two—especially how Bakugo feels threatened by Deku despite, at that point, having no real reason to.


  "I'll Win... Because That's What It Means To Be A Hero!"

  The students of U.A. Class 1-A all have different reasons for wanting to become heroes. Ochaco wants to help her parents. Deku wants to become like his idol, All Might. And Bakugo... well, while he's certainly inspired by All Might the same way Deku is, his desire to become a hero seems more based on his ego than anything else.

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  As this quote shows, becoming a hero is merely a formality for him now, and his sole reason for wanting to win is to progress in his journey. It's still a good motivator, but it also makes Bakugo distinctly different from many of his classmates.


  "This Man Is The Highest Wall In The World."

  Bakugo's pride definitely gets the best of him sometimes, but he knows that All Might is the number-one hero, and, after just a few minutes of fighting him, he's not going to dispute that. In much the same fashion as Deku, Bakugo views reaching All Might's stature as his ultimate goal, the "highest wall in the world." This quote demonstrates a sense of humility in Bakugo that's never spoken out loud while also showing his determination to overcome All Might.


  "Show Us With Your Actions, Not Your Mouth."

  Even though many of Bakugo's quotes are simply thoughtful tidbits generated through blind rage, occasionally, he does have something poignant to say.

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  When Shiketsu High student Seiji Shishikura tells the U.A. students that they "continuously act in ways that cause [the school's] dignity to decline," Bakugo tells him rather than confronting them with mere words, he should prove his superiority through his actions. Bakugo is a guy who truly believes that actions speak louder than words and he'd rather someone prove their worth than brag about it.


  "I Will Be Number One With My Strength!"

  Bakugo has a grand goal: to become the number one hero. With the addition of this particular quote, something can be said of his path to that goal that can not be said of the paths of his classmates: he knows exactly how he'll reach it. He's confident in his own strength, which isn't at all surprising considering Bakugo obtained a powerful Quirk from a young age. He has high expectations of himself and others.


"Even If There's Nothing Left Of Me, I Will Win The Way I Want To!"

  Bakugo is fiery and determined, but he also has an internalized arrogance that drives his decisions. This doesn't always turn out badly; in fact, it often leads to him getting the outcome he desires.

  Say what you want about his motives, but he's willing to sacrifice everything if only to accomplish his goal, a trait that makes him one of the anime's most resolute characters.


  "If All You Ever Do Is Look Down On People, You Won't Be Able To Recognize Your Own Weaknesses."

  Bakugo delivers his most profound quote—and one that's decidedly self-aware—in the least likely of situations: when he's tasked with babysitting a group of young heroes-in-training.

  Speaking to the leader of the pack, who seems bent on putting down others, bakugo gives a quote that shows that, while he's still learning how to become the number-one hero, he's on the right track.


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