What is Adobe InDesign used for?

Adobe Indesign Uses

Introduction to Adobe Indesign Uses


Adobe Indesign is used for several types of documents as well as visual communication designing work and these works include flyers design, magazines layout design, brochures, business cards design, postcards, comics, stickers designs, and many more professional designs for marketing purposes. It also deals with a different types of industries standards that incorporate with the publishing of design and using that design with advertisement as well as marketing professionals. Being desktop publishing and typesetting application software we can also create a number of creative designs for newspapers articles and for that kind of several kinds of stuff. So let analyze this software and its use for having more understanding about it. In this topic, we are going to learn about Adobe Indesign Uses.

Indesign works with other designing software of adobe that is adobe Illustrator, adobe Photoshop which means we can take images, illustrations from this software to design different types of layouts in Indesign because of images, as well as illustrations, are usually not created in Indesign. The Layout which we prepare in Indesign can be used on both print as well as digital media platforms.

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Indesign especially incorporates with design layouts of documents that have a large set of the text so let me tell you it be an example of designing of Newspaper layout in Indesign and explain to you how it uses for this purpose.

How to Use Indesign for creating a layout?

Here in this section, I will tell you some of the usages of Indesign that involves in professional documentation designing work. For explaining one of the usages of this software I will create a Newspaper layout so that you can get an idea about how Indesign plays an important role in this type of work.

First, go to the welcome screen of Indesign software and click on Create New button for having an appropriate document size for the layout of the Newspaper. You can click on any of the Create new buttons of the welcome screen both are using for the same type of work.

Once you click on this button you will have different type of presets of document. I will choose this Tabloid preset for layout design of newspaper.

Here in the Units of the document, I will choose inches from the list of units.

And you can see it has a standard size of a new paper which is 11 x 17 inches. It may differ in your area so you can take it according to you. I am just explaining to you how we use Indesign for creating newspaper layouts. Now click on Create button.

The document size that I have been take and it has margin area around it. You can set your desired margin as per your choice. I will now divide sections on this document that will become columns and section of newspaper and have particular content in them. For dividing sections we use guidelines of horizontal and vertical rulers.

I will divide this document are like this for having an idea about basic layout for newspaper.

Now I will take Type tool which is very important tool of this software.

And drag a rectangular box here in the first section which I have divided with the help of guide lines.

Go to Character panel and select a font that is particularly use as newspaper fonts. I will choose one of the style of Arial type face.

And type this text as a heading of this paragraph of the content in this section. Rather than tying of the content we can copy paste the content that are provided by the clients for their project work.

I will fill some content below this heading and decrease their size to fit them in this section. Adjusting text and Heading or content is totally depends on you how you make that content appealing to its viewer.

Now I will take Rectangle tool for creating a shape.

And create a rectangular shape here in this section.

And fill a color to it from the Color Picker box of it.

Now I add content on this section with same type tool. That means you can use shapes for making any section attractive and for making good contrast between background and text you can change the color of text.

Such as I change it to white color.

Now let me tell you how we use Indesign other features to place an image in newspaper layout. For this purpose first take Rectangle Frame tool.

Add a frame at you desired section of layout.

I told you in the beginning of this article that Indesign can work with other different software of adobe. So I want to place Cristiano Ronaldo image in the drawn frame and for that I just cut this out from this background. We can do this with the help of Adobe Photoshop.

Now it have transparent background of it

So after doing your desired settings with image switch to Indesign and go to File menu then click on Place button.

Choose image from its location.

And it will come into selected frame.

But it is not perfectly fit in this frame so make right click and Choose Fit Content to Frame.

And it will fit like this.

Now I have a content here next to this image and I want to align it according to this image.

This is very easy with Indesign you just have to make path around your desired image with pen tool.

And select both path and text.

Open Text Wrap panel from the Window menu.

And click on Wrap round Object Shape tab of this panel.

And magic happens! you can see text aligned with the path of this image.

Now you can do these types of designing of creating a full page of newspaper and this was an basic overview on Indesign Uses.

Conclusion – Adobe Indesign Uses

I told you what are the uses of Indesing and explaing you it by an example of how we can use Indesing for creating Newspaper layout. It was just an example but there is many more thing which we can do with it so you can explore uses of this software more and more by creating other layout designs.

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This is a guide to Adobe Indesign Uses. Here we discuss the examples of how we can use abobe Indesign for creating a Newspaper layout. You may also have a look at the following articles to learn more –

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What is Adobe InDesign

Introduction to Adobe InDesign


InDesign is software for creating and editing page designing and layout arrangement tool used for arranging the contents in making posters, brochures, magazines, newspapers, books, presentations, and eBooks. It can also publish illustrations, graphs, tables, and other professional usages. High quality for both print and on-screen delivery was actually developed for the original magazine market; further, it has become the no1 application in the world for interactive developers, photographers, and designers to use anywhere to place content and images in any format. It integrates with the rest of the Adobe tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator and flashes professional users from any profession can design, preview, review and produce content quickly and efficiently. InDesign also works with word processors such as MS Word, Adobe InCopy to import text. Any designer can make interactive designs by using animation pre-sets and media options in InDesign CS5.

These powerful tools made in Adobe Flash and PDF technologies let the document move from a static layout to a fully functional user experience in just a few steps. No matter your output, using the mini bridge, one of the tools that carry the hard drive images and clips on fingertips, Photographers and Production artists love the gap tool and auto-fit features in sizing and adjusting graphics until they look as required on the page. The ultimate job of a layout is to print the best high-quality output in which InDesign has wide selection options as output from PDF X-1 (for print) to a flash.SWF file format for a web browser. Even the editorial tools help in reviewing your file and even keep track of changes made by colleges through the Track Changer option on activation of deleted text. InDesign is the complete file creation and output solution for any kind of publishing the power to design, develop and display in hands.

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How is InDesign Used?

InDesign is a package for both Photoshop and Illustrator, used to created catalogs, Portfolios and any this which carries text, image, organize content with them delivery it to digital format or print out.

It has the all most accurate & easy presentation technics.

Installations will be done with the wizard file of an application.

Creating a New file and its parameters can be prefixed before starting, or even we can change it while working.

Below is the list of file formats supporting with InDesign.

Once installed, click of help to get the list of shortcuts used and tool-specific information.

Users can have quick access where photos, videos, and text which take less time to add values to a presentation.

All this make InDesign to my best app for creating and editing the content quick.

Learning Adobe InDesign

InDesign Course duration starts from 45 days to 65 days with basic and advanced categories from private intuitions with a reliable fee.

Web Designer, Graphics Designer, Web Publisher, Web Developer in many companies need its certified associates.

You will be trained on:-

InDesign tool overview.

Typing and adjusting the text.

Creating effects to images, tables, and animation in a document.

Scaling and arranging contents within page limits.

Understanding and building good visual layouts.

Demo Articles for practice.

Bolt, wrapping, gaping, etc. Tools to make a document look good.

Review of a few similar documents and websites for better understanding.

Certification for the course.

Getting Started

It’s easy to start with tools similar to typing and text arrangements tools like MS Word and Photoshop with a few more additional tools to arrange the text contents. To make your document visually good for readers with good text and page arrangement.

After completing their tally, students can start this course after completing their tally; polytechnic in CCP, Multimedia, Mass Communications, Public relation associates and web developers can start this course.

Having knowledge of Adobe tools and MS Office suite tools becomes an additional advantage.

It’s a valuable course for Document designers, Paper Editors, Business Cards and Broachers designers, web designers etc.

How Much Does Adobe InDesign Cost

InDesign is available in the market with Adobe Cloud solution support with licenses accordingly: –

Monthly rental of Rupees 2,100

Yearly package 16,236

What Does Adobe InDesign Do?

InDesign is the most commonly used tool to design, develop, and Print Business cards, Books, Magazines, Newspapers, etc.

It also has become the best software to design interactive page arranged contents. PDFs and eBooks with the help of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite for users to access documents on Mobile, Tablets, and PCs with effective plugins.

Project changing can be done through global updates using paragraph style options.

Easy to import one or more images at once by keeping them with the required size, move and crop them to required design, simple effects like drop shadow and glow by selecting the objects. Table and QR codes can also be added with quick access to email or save as PDF to get clients’ approval.

Make interactive documents for professional representation.


The latest certification in the market is Adobe InDesign CS6 valuable for

Get a job as Web Designer, Graphics Designer, Web Publisher, Web Developer in many companies.

Certification Requirements:

Understanding, Managing Graphics, Colour, and Transparency.

Laying out, Building, and Preparing Interactive Documents for Final Output.

Exam Details:

60 Minutes

50 Questions

Multiple Choice Questions

InDesign CC: – 63% minimum

Adobe recognizes many private institutes for getting courses and appearing for the test. Many mocks test practice links are also available on the internet.

Adobe InDesign File Formats

Text can be imported from MS Word, MS Excel.

Use File Format Type Of File Can open files with indd, indl, indt, indb, inx, idml, pmd, xqx A document, Library file, Template, Book, Interchanger, Markup Language, Adobe page Marker, QuarkXPress. New files create in indd, indl, indb A document, Library file, Template, Book. Files can be saved as indd, indt Document and Template. Exportable Formats .pdf,   .swf, .idml, .jpg, .xml,  .icml,  Portable Document Format, Encapsulate PostScript, Flash CS5 Professional, Shockwave Flash, InDesign Markup Language, JPEG, Extensible Markup Language, Adobe InDesign Tagged Text, Adobe InCopy Document, Text Format. Files with combination of graphics and text  .gif, .jpg,.jpeg, .bmp,    .avi,   f4v, .swf,  .xls, xlsx, .doc, .docx,  .indd, .pdf, .psd, .ai, .sct, .png, .pcx,   .pict, .dcs Tagged Image File Format, Graphics Interchange Format, Joint Photographic Experts Group, Bitmap, Encapsulated PostScript, MPEG Audio Layer, QuickTime Video, Audio Video Interface, MPEG-4 Video, Flash Video, Shockwave File, Rich Text Format, Microsoft Excel documents, Microsoft Word document, Text documents, InDesign document, Portable Document Format, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Scitec CT, Portable Network Graphic, PC Paintbrush File format, MS Windows Enhanced Metafile, MS Windows Metafile, Picture file format (Mac), Desktop Colour Separation. Other Files .xml, .html Extensible Markup Language, Hypertext Markup Language.

Supports file formats of  .jpeg, .png,  and can work with Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator.

Output PDF pre-sets like

High-quality print

Magazine Ad 2006

PDF /X-1a:2001

PDF /X-3:2002

PDF /X-4:2008

Press Quality

Smaller file size

To meet as per market standards.

Working with Type Adobe InDesign

InDesign Type is the most advanced typographic tools in the market where Print designers will appreciate the efficient and included tools for layout such as Single Column, Spam Column, and Split Column which has the ability to have multiple of Columns; additional Preflight Profiles ensure consistencies and reduce document errors which makes sure that the file is ready for the process.

The type tools are the combination of MS Word, Photoshop text, and a few other texts and type editing tools,

Make your Headings outstanding.

Improve the content look and feel for each article.

Styling the text and wrapping them according to a layout.

Text highlight, Bolt, Bullets, and a few more basic texts different attribution makes content standout for next-level style visually.

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This has been a guide to What is Adobe InDesign. Here we have discussed the meaning of Adobe InDesign with its type, File Formats, Adobe certification, cost, etc. You may also look at the following article to learn more –

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What is Adobe InDesign used for?

Adobe InDesign is a desktop publishing application produced by Adobe Systems as part of their Creative Suite. It can be used to create posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers and books.

Graphic designers are the main users, creating and laying out brochures, posters, and print media. But as the basics of the InDesign program are easy to master and the new monthly subscription purchasing plan (Adobe Creative Cloud) is making the software much more affordable – many other industries are starting to use InDesign to create a variety of material.

Marketing professionals can cut their spend on external agencies…

Many staff in marketing departments are learning how to use InDesign to edit their marketing material that has been created by Design agencies, this has a huge cost saving as they are not paying the Design agencies hourly rate to make simple changes to their InDesign layouts, they can easily resize adverts and generate new PDFs to distribute to new publications.

New businesses can take control of their marketing…

New businesses are also reaping the benefits of InDesign by subscribing to the Creative Cloud they have a variety of creative software at their finger tips, being able to create striking posters and images for use in social media campaigns and email marketing alongside any print based material, brochures and stationery they may need to produce.

Getting to grips with Adobe InDesign can very quickly open you up to a whole new audience that you can engage with very quickly and easily. Ideas that you would previously use external agencies to produce visuals for can now be easily converted by yourself in to professional looking design work that can be instantly used and distributed through all your social media outlets.

InDesign is cheaper and more affordable than ever…

With a days InDesign training and a cheap subscription to purchase the InDesign software any computer literate individual can be up and running creating slick and professional looking documents in no time.

InDesign interactive PDFs make us all look good!

Once a user has grasped the basics of Adobe InDesign you can easily expand your knowledge to add some interactive features to your PDF documents, there are simple tools in InDesign which help you create web links, email links, embed video and include user submit-able forms.

More recently InDesign has been developed to include some great features enabling it to publish content suitable for tablet devices so you can create alternative layouts for iPads and create long flowing book documents that can be exported for Kindle use.

So in answer to your question What is InDesign used for? Very much anything and everything that you could think of when it comes to producing marketing material!

Mark Williams is the Director of Creative Studios Derby LTD, the East Midlands largest and most experienced Adobe training centre. If you need help learning any software from the Adobe Creative Suite, then CONTACT US.

We regularly run ADOBE INDESIGN TRAINING COURSES from our state of the art studio in Derby.

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