Xperia Play won’t ship with PlayStation Suite, will be preloaded with a PlayStation One title

Months ago we speculated that Sony Ericsson would not ship its Xperia Play device with PlayStation games, the device was only announced this evening and the PlayStation Suite would be launching later in the year.

Today it was confirmed that the PlayStation Suite will become available to the Xperia Play later in the year but to appease future Xperia Play buyers, the device will come pre-loaded with a PlayStation One title, as well as having access to games via the Android Market.

The PlayStation title? We don’t know. Sony’s Kazuo Hirai is teasing us all.

The main publishers on Android will be Electronic Arts, Gameloft and Blue Mobile, but Sony Ericsson will be partnering with 17 other publishers. Guitar Hero, Dead Space and Battlefield will all come to the Xperia Play, as will FIFA, meaning gamers can utilise the Play’s unique gaming controls to play the world’s most popular football title.

It’s an impressive device, a smartphone gaming handset that will be a phone first but also a gaming machine. We can’t wait to see what consumers make of it.

Sony rolls out TV-show download service for UK PlayStation 3 owners

In a move to keep up with Microsoft’s evolving content offering on its Xbox Live service , Sony has begun offering PlayStation 3 owners the opportunity to download a wide range of TV shows via its PlayStation Network Video Store.

TheSixthAxis revealed the new content offering, highlighting a wealth of U.S television content including Breaking Bad, South Park and Arrested Development.

Pricing for shows appears to start at £1.89 for SD content, rising to £2.49 for HD shows, which are downloaded to a user’s PlayStation 3 console to keep. However, following a quick browse of the Store, the content available appears to be sporadic in the respect that some shows allow users to download Season 1 and 6 of 24 but not the seasons inbetween.

The store does not appear to allow users to download an entire season of shows either, which seems a little shortsighted of a company that will want to compete with other pay-to-download services like iTunes and tempt users away from Microsoft’s Xbox 360 services, which are due to see a television upgrade in the coming weeks.

Solid-state hard drives can save your life, so says this well played OCZ promo

Selling hard drives online isn’t the sexiest of ventures, therefore you have to get a little creative in how you grab people’s interest.

One site, that appears to be a promo for OCZ SSD’s (solid-state drives), asks you how much time you spend on your computer, and suggests a hard drive that will save you time. “ SSDSavedMyLife ” is that site.

Here is the site’s explanation of how SSD’s could change your life:

Sure, it’s a bit of a stretch, but if you’re looking to save computing time, a solid-state hard drive isn’t a bad idea.

Simply enter how much time you spend on your computer weekly, along with how you’d categorize your usage. Mine was clearly “intense”. The site will calculate how much time you can save with a solid-state drive.

According to the app, I could save 126 wasted hours over the course of my lifetime, if I were to purchase a solid-state drive. Of course, the OCZ drive is conveniently the only suggestion that the site makes for which model you should buy:

It’s fun to see how much time the site thinks you could save by switching to a solid-state drive, but the OCZ drives are some of the most expensive on the market, so do some homework before picking one up.

➤ SSDSavedMyLife

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